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When volunteering at Nachiketa Tapovan, teaching students English, math & art, we, Adhvith & Manya, noticed the lack of books in the classrooms. Reading is a key part of every student's life. We wanted to help. 

We founded Vivlio - an online platform that connects book donors to underprivileged schools to help inspire students to read, learn & discover the world.  


Digital literacy is essential in today’s world. Having started our own coding journeys in Middle School, we wanted to introduce programming to others so they'd also discover the magic of logic & its limitless opportunities. 

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Adhvith K Reddy


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Manya K Reddy

Co-founder, CEO, CTO

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Tanya Shizan

Communications Director

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Sanjana Boda

Social Media Director

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Anvitha Kollipara

Lead Coordinator

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Nalini Mathur

Lead Coordinator

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